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Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency Sessions

By the Wave PEMF

PEMF sessions are a safe, nonsurgical way to manage pain and speed healing without drugs or side effects. 

The By the Wave team is Magnawave certified for humans, horses and small animals. Horses or traveling sessions can be booked by calling or texting 724-318-2882


Water Sports

With Magna Wave PEMF, athletes suffering from pain and inflammation can feel better and stay active. Competitive athletes can stay in peak condition and recover quickly from the stress of competition.

PEMF works by improving cellular function and health at the molecular level. The process enhances the body’s ability to heal itself and relieve pain quickly and naturally. This allows for improved training with less pain and injury, which leads to better performance and potentially longer career. Magna Wave PEMF is the wave of the future for health and wellness.



Routine use of PEMF can improve the body’s ability to repair cells and recover. By stimulating cell metabolism, PEMF is thought to trigger a chain of processes in the body that can lead to improvement of health without side effects.


  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Restored Joints and Muscles

  • Improved Blood Circulation

  • Increased Blood Oxygen Content

  • Faster Recovery

  • Strengthened Immune System


Cat and Dog

Anything with a heartbeat can benefit from PEMF. Dogs are our most popular clients since their active lifestyle can lead to aches and pains as they age. PEMF is very popular among performance animals including and 4H and showmanship competitors.

 Session times can range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how many areas of concern are present. Animals usually find the process relaxing and enjoy their PEMF time.

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Arthritis relief

  • Improved quality of life


Girl with Horse

Magnawave has deep roots in the equine industry. PEMF helps to improve cell metabolism and reduce pain without the use of drugs or side effects.  

Performance and show horse trainers find Magnawaving before an event helps calm the horse and get them ready to go out into the arena. After an intense competition, race or show, Magnawaving helps relieve stress on muscles, tendons and ligaments for a quicker recovery.

Routine sessions help to maintain the balance in cellular metabolism to keep horses active and healthy.



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By the Wave PEMF, LLC is certified to use MagnaWave PEMF (pulse electromagnetic frequency) on horses, people and small animals. PEMF technology originated from NASA research which looked for ways to improve fatigue, depression, bone loss and other symptoms astronauts experience in space. The cells of our bodies have their own magnetic energy which can fall out of balance during illness, injury or intense competition. Magnetic sessions works on a cellular level to increase blood flow and cellular activity in the body. This causes improved oxygen and nutrient absorption in the cells. Cells are able to detoxify, regenerate and reproduce. Magnetic sessions work by being the catalyst which speeds up these processes and enables the body to reduce inflammation and heal itself. PEMF does not have any harmful side effects and can be used by anyone who is not undergoing chemotherapy, pregnant or who has an implanted electronic device such as a pace maker, defibrillator, etc. 

Routine sessions help to maintain the balance in cellular metabolism to keep people, athletes and pets active and healthy. Anything with a heartbeat can benefit from PEMF. The most common benefits include: reduced inflammation, reduced stress/anxiety, arthritis pain relief and an overall improvement in quality of life.

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